So this is the new begining…or the begining of the end.

May 3, 2006 at 5:45 am (The Day to Day Journal)


so a long time ago, a boy named robert (that's me sucka!) moved from a rather small semi-hick town to Phoenix Arizona. Knowing nobody and being halfway through my 16th year of life i found two things to play up my two interests. A door to door sales job, because i loved talking to people, and doing grafitti, because i loved sneaking around and I love hip hop. These two things worked well together for obvious reasons. Well at this job i met a girl, and we got along very well.

Fast forward 6 years and there has been some changes. First the bad:

  1. Me and that sweet girl no longer get along too well, even though for the next four days we still live together.
  2.  i no longer do grafitti.
  3. i no longer have that job, and in fact for the last 2 1/2-3 years (the time since i left that job) i haven't held a steady job.
  4. i have gotten into a little trouble (that i dont want to go into too much detail about online) but i have been asurd that it isn't bad and i will be taking care of it this weekend.
  5. i am slightly overweight (about 30 pounds)

and now for the good:

  1. i have a strong circle of geniune friends that actually care for me.
  2. i co-own a record label and we are about to release our first album this august.
  3. i have decided to make a change in my life

 so that brings us to why i have made this blog, to keep a record of this journey i am about to take to change my life. how am i going to change it you ask? Well this is what is going to happen:

Saturday night (actually sunday morning) at 2:38 a.m i am getting on a bus to oklahoma to take care of my problem. that should take 5 days, from there i am getting on yet another bus to head out to upstate newyork to stay with my mom and change my life, i will not come back to the city of phoenix until i have a full wardrobe, a car, and $2,500. the reasons for the wardrobe and the car are self explanatory, the $2,500 is not.

I need the money to cover my ass. See i have picked out the apartment i want to live in when i come back to phoenix, some would call it a nice cheap apartment i call it my dream apartment, it has everything i want and it is in a budget i can actually afford and at the perfect location for me. The 2.5k covers rent, car gas, food, smokes, and bills for two months, which will be more then enough time  for me to find a job and make the money for the time after the two months.


  • finish four pages of album artwork
  • finish artwork for an 11×17 inch poster
  • build a website


  • Have saved up $2,500 for living expenses
  • Bought a complete wardrobe (around $1,000)
  • Aquired a car (nothing fancy, just as long as it runs)
  • have money for a phone plan when i get back ($355)

 thats the plan…oh yeah, and i plan to do all that in three months. 

good luck to me. 


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