Hello all, my name is Robert, my life is currently at a cross roads. I grew up moving from state to state in kind of a broken family situation, moving on to adulthood (Prematurely) at 16.Now at twenty two my life is almost on the rocks. I just ended a six year relationship, have no job, and really no tangable possesions of my own. I keep a very small circle of friends that just got one person smaller (one very important person to me, damn my big mouth) and just spent the last 5 days bing drinking. Add to that, the fact that soon i will be moving across the country to live with my mom (for a brief period of time), trying to get back on the right track, with nothing but clothes, movies, c.d.s, and a "killer trivia: Freddy vs. Jason" trivia game,  and you get the lowest point in my life.
  Life isn't all bad though, i do digital artwork and co-run a local record label, write spoken word poetry, and i want to get into film. I have many passions, yet not too many outlets for them.
  The reason i am writing this is to keep track of the sporadic thoughts, and day to day musings and happenings, i come up with as i essential re-start my life. If you like to read angsty, slightly misspelled thoughts of a man unsure of what he is going to do with the rest of his life,you might enjoy this.(hopefully) soon this will be a great "pick himself up by the bootstraps" story and if not…ehh fuck it, you only live once.


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